Levi Haupert

Welcome to my humble home page on SourceForge. Here you will find information about my efforts in developing open source software, expanding scientific knowledge and living a good life. Back to my SourceForge profile.



I recently updated my publication list.


I graduated from Purdue university with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Writing the thesis was quite painful.


Dr. Simpson and I just published a article in Methods Journal. The purpose of the paper is to give the reader and in depth understanding of the SONICC method. I'm also working on another manuscript with Dr. Simpson about the reason different protein crystals produce different SONICC signals. I'm still plugging away at a project for Dr. Slipchenko, too, trying to implement flexible EFP fragments in GAMESS. Hopefully, that will all be enough to ensure my graduation in May.


This page is finally almost ready for the general public. I basically learned HTML and CSS today to get it off the ground. It was more fun than I expected! I'm very thankful to SourceForge for hosting this website. It is an excellent opportunity for me to sharpen my HTML, CSS, and scripting skills while furthering my professional development.

I plan on updating this place about once a month. Expect to find some helpful resources for using computers to facilitate scientific efforts in the next few updates.